Gluten-Free Takeaway Guide, Part 1 – Central Scotland

The Positive Coeliac’s Central Scotland Gluten-Free takeaway guide – Part 1

Since being diagnosed with Coeliac disease eating takeaway has proved to be quite a challenging part of having the disease. I think we all like fast food at times with the fast pace of life. Although we need to be careful of where we eat, there are choices out there.

Since diagnosis I have visited a number of takeaways and restaurants in the Central Scotland area and would like to share my findings!

Part 1 focuses on chinese and fish and chip fast food outlets.


Chin Chin Chinese Restaurant, 4-6 Gartcosh Road, Glasgow

Chin Chin was one of the first chinese restaurants/takeaways that I visited after finding out I was coeliac. The menu offering, on first glance is one of the best I have saw for coeliacs.

I have tried various dishes from Chin Chin and found the food to be of a very good quality and has good sized portions. I have tried a number of dishes from the main menu including, gluten free chicken fried rice , chicken & beef curry and the chicken chow mein.

One of my biggest missed foods since diagnosis is chinese curry sauce, so was excited to see it being offered here. The curry doesn’t have the same consistency as a gluten full curry but acts as a nice alternative for us coeliacs. A tip is to add extra onion if you can tolerate it and add another teaspoon of mild curry powder to give it more kick.

The owner is very aware of coeliac disease and I have been reassured that they take every step to minimise cross contamination to provide reassurance for coeliacs.


Staff Knowledge – 10/10

Food Quality – 7/10

CC Risk – The owner gives reassurance of no cross contamination, food is marked as coeliac when picked up via takeaway.

*Please note coeliac menu may not be available on busier Friday and Saturday nights.

Bon Apetit, 25 Sunnyside Road,Scotland

Bon apetit is a takeaway/buffet restaurant based in Coatbridge! The name is probably one of the most unusual names for a chinese restaurant. Bon Apetit do offer some gluten free options. They don’t have a set gluten free menu but the chef usually communicates what he can make gluten free.

I have found that the restaurant used to be very reliable and knowledgeable but recently ordering has been a bit more difficult with more questions around allergen knowledge being asked. I ordered gluten free salt and pepper chicken on one occasion via home delivery but had to send back as it was clearly the gluten version I had been made. When they do get it right the food is really nice and very tasty. I usually order chicken fried rice or again Salt and chilli pepper chicken. The chicken is usually dipped in cornflour or left without a batter! Unfortunately they don’t offer any gluten free curries and it is very limited choices but having a few options is better than none.

Staff knowledge – 5/10

Food Quality – 8/10

CC Risk – The restaurant have always been very reassuring re washing utensils and cooking seperate. I have never been glutened when eating here.

Golden Dragon – Chapel Street, Airdrie

The “Golden Dragon” was my favourite takeaway before being diagnosed so when I first started the gluten free diet I avoided The Golden Dragon completely. After picking a takeaway up for a relative on one occasion I got talking to one of the staff members “Suzie”. She informed me that they can make special orders for those with allergens so just to ask when ordering and give them some more time to cook. So I now again order salt and chilli pepper chicken. The chicken is coated with cornflour or the chef can make it with no coating! I have also tried chicken szeuchen and sweet and sour chicken made with cornflour for the sauce. The sauce tastes slightly thinner than usual but is really nice. Another favourite for me is chicken fried rice with no soy sauce.

As always with eating out we never know what goes on behind the scenes in restaurants or takeaways so cross contamination risk may always occur especially in busy kitchens like this. The staff are great and just ask them if you have any questions. Suzie is really helpful and there is another female staff member that is very knowledgable on allergens which is reassuring for those with allergens/intolerances


Staff knowledge – 8/10

Food Quality – 8/10

Cc Risk – It is a busy takeaway and the prep area is small. So there could be a riskier chance here The staff are knowledgable though. One of the team actually let me see ingredients of one of the ingredients they use in their dishes to make sure I could it eat it ok. I have never been glutened in my experiences here.


La Capanna, Carmondean Centre, Livingston

I discovered La Capanna had a gluten free menu online about a year ago. I was based in Livingston for my work location for the last two years but had never visited until stumbling across the fish and chip shop whilst on the way to the train station after a drunken night out

This is what they offer alongside gf sausage and oven cooked pizza. I thought the outlet was very clean and reassuring to see they took cross contamination very seriously when I ordered. They were cleaning when handing out my order and kept it seperate from the rest of customer orders.

I tried the sausage supper. The order did come out very burnt but the chips were great and they even offered gluten free vinegar! It’s well worth a visit for coeliacs and offers a gluten free menu at all times.

Staff knowledge – 10/10

Food Quality – 6/10

CC Risk – The outlet cooked the food in a separate fryer. Although the takeaway was busy there was lots of cleaning going on and staff were very knowledgable.

New Neptunes Traditional Fish & Chips, 19 Barrachnie Road,Baillieston, Glasgow

New Neptunes is a fish and chip bar that I had heard a lot of talk around on Facebook coeliac pages and online. I took an approx 30 minute drive to see what the fuss was about!

I was very impressed! I purchased a fish supper! It tasted amazing and was a very large portion. The staff were great and very knowledgeable. I could see the minimization of cross contamination while I was waiting for my order. The fish and chip bar offer a number of different options and ask just to phone about 25-30 mins beforehand to order! Again they have gluten free vinegar (I know we can still eat normal malt vinegar)!

Well worth a visit if you are in the central area.

Staff Knowledge – 10/10

Food Quality – 10/10

CC Risk – The chip shop was very clean if small. The food is cooked in a seperate fryer and it’s good to give plenty of time to order.

Atlantic Fast Food, 155 Calder Street, Coatbridge, Scotland

Atlantic fish food bar is one that frustrates me. They have an excellent gluten free lunch on the second Saturday off every month between 11am-2pm! The standard of food is amazing and the outlet is cleaned to a high standard for this occasion! They offer fish, sausage, chicken and fritter suppers on this day! BUT the reason they frustrate me is this is all they offer chip shop wise. On the normal days they have no gluten free options at all. I was really surprised at this since the gluten free lunch seems a big success and the takeaway does seem like it has large fryer space. I understand through the cost and workload that may go in to providing a gluten free service every day. It is just slightly disappointing that they cant at least offer some more options for allergen/coeliac customers .

Staff knowledge 10/10

Food Quality – 8/10

CC Risk – The outlet is cleaned to a very high standard on the gluten free lunch days with the gluten free food being the only cooked on the day. Excellent standards.

Off The Hook Fish and Chips, 22 High Street, Airdrie

Off The Hook is currently my favourite gluten free chippy! They don’t have a large menu for gluten free, but do offer gf (unbattered) sausage supper, smoked gf sauce and dishes such as chips and cheese.

I usually opt for the sausage supper. The staff are knowledgable and very friendly. They use a seperate fryer and pack your order in a seperate bag if gluten free. This is a great fish and chip shop I just wish they could have some more gf options.

Staff knowledge – 9/10

Food Quality – 10/10

CC Risk – Food is cooked in a seperate fryer and prepared seperately. On bagging, the gluten free items are bagged in seperate bag and even offer coeliac friendly vinegar.

That completes my first part of my guide to takeaways in central scotland! Feel free to give feedback , finds and what you think of my blog! Is there any takeaways you would like to give feedback about or like me to review?

Thank you for taking the time out to read!

“The Positive Coeliac”

One thought on “Gluten-Free Takeaway Guide, Part 1 – Central Scotland

  1. Hey what a great find this blog was thanks for the helpful reviews! Our local chippy does quite a large gf menu every day – The Land and Sea in Polmont (Falkirk). Theres one is Stirling too that does gf but havent tried it so couldnt comment on it. Xx


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